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Welcome to Vacillares Graphics! This is a graphics community owned and maintained by abiding. It's full of icons, headers, banners, and a few tutorials.

The community is open to any members, but may become members-only in the future.
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There are a few rules to the community. Follow them and we'll all get along very well! :D

1 >> Comment on the graphics you're taking from what post.
2 >> Credit abiding or vacillares if you do take any graphics.
3 >> Please, do not holink.
4 >> No redistributing.
5 >> No claiming any of the graphics as yours. I'd hate to have to lock all the entries so only members could see them.
6 >> No editing any of my graphics. I will post bases up if wished, but do not edit any graphics I've created. Most of the time, I've saved the .psd file or the base before any text went onto it, if you want the blank. If you do receive the base/blank version, please still credit me as the original image creator.
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All my images, brushes, and bases must come from somewhere, right? Check out my resources page for constant updates on bases, brushes, and images.
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